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Friday, March 24, 2006

Alpha Launch - Stage 1 Live!!

We have finally bitten the bullet and put Crowdstorm live in the status of "Alpha Trial", meaning that we want to get some initial feedback from a limited number of close friends and family to help the development process. That and we just wanted to type a shorter URL instead of the long complicated one we use for development!

Both Chris and I have sent off a few emails to see if people will start registering and interacting with the system. It is really quite exciting to see other people entering and recommending products right now. I must stop pressing the "refresh" button too as it is getting quite addictive.

So, we are now looking forward to all sorts of feedback (good and bad) as we continue to improve the site, add and enhance features, improve on the design, and a whole host of 200+ items to tackle.


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