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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Philip Wilkinson interviewed by E-Consultancy

I recently did a good interview for an excellent company here in the UK called E-Consultancy who are one of the leading hubs for online marketing and web 2.0 right now. In it I explain what Crowdstorm is and where we are going with all this Social Shopping angle.

Read the Philip Wilkinson interview

Please feel free to comment and agree / disagree - I'm keen on a good debate from time to time :-)


Anonymous Steve Schlenker said...


good interview - very interesting views and interesting space. a space that seems to work well in Asia, i think it should be successful here as well. I recall some similar models 5-6 years ago on the internet, some successful some not, but with your experience you should be able to pull it off.

I am surprised by your comment that VCs are running scared of deals like this - I would have thought they would have been all over you for series A funding (we certainly would be :)). Good luck - I signed up to be a beta user and hope to hear more great things about crowdstorm in the coming weeks and months.

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Philip Wilkinson said...

Thanks Steve - I'm waiting for a VC fund to prove me wrong and show they are willing to take risks.

2:53 pm  
Blogger Alan Mitchell said...

Hi Philip,

I saw your interview. I think this is a really interesting area. For the shopper, I think there are two huge and connected challenges.
1) how to get truly meaningful and useful advice
2) how to clarify and articulate exactly what I am looking for
I have explored these challenges in the Buyer Centric Commerce Forum summary White Paper 'Reinventing Shopping' (www.rightsideup.net/AVBS.htm). The full paper has a lot more detail on this. I'd be really interested to see what you think.
All best on this venture.
Alan Mitchell

7:18 am  

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