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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Team Buying - "Tuangou"

A new shopping craze has sprung up in China which embraces the direction Social Shopping is heading in and really starts to show some of the power behind it.

"Tuangou" is where a group of people use the internet combined with flash mob stealth tactics in order to meet up somewhere offline and drive hard bargains at an agreed store.

Imagine 15-20 shoppers congragating on a single store for the exact same LCD TV screen - how could they not give everyone a discount in order to get the 15+ sales!  Genius.

Our site Crowdstorm will offer similar group buying or team buying experiences over time.  After all, if a large group of people are buzzing around a group product - who better to organise the best deal for you than us :-)

You can read the full article on this at:
this site


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