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Monday, June 26, 2006

Web 2 & Blogger Party - tonight in London

A good friend of Crowdstorm called Roger Kondrat is running a really cool event tonight in London to get some of the UK bloggers and web 2 entrepreneurs together under one roof. (I know it is very short notice but hopefully the people I've spoken to about it already will see this as a gentle reminder :-) )

It will also give you a chance to meet and great people best positioned to help meet your current needs e.g. recruitment, investment, business advice, hosting, services...

Where & When?
From 19:00 at La Casa Del Habano 100 Wardour Street London W1F 0TN

You can get an invite to the event by emailing Roger directly

You can also check out more details here of the Web 2 & Blogger Party


Blogger Caz Mockett said...

Philip, Chris,

It was great to meet so many like-minded people at Roger's event.

In my present job (which I'm hoping to get out of soon!) the folks are all pretty jaded and not terribly interested in the cool new stuff Web2.0 can offer. It's hard enough persuading them to do anything other than boring static brochureware sites.

So the gathering was a breath of fresh air as far as I was concerned. Really nice to chat to people who are passionate about what the web can become. I hope we can meet up again soon to continue where we left off!

I've signed up for the Beta of Crowdstorm and will be persuading my friends to do so too. Really looking forward to your launch.


PS my blog is not my professional opinions, so don't expect to find much reference to XHTML, CSS, AJAX or anything else relevent to the web. I'm much more likely to be debating the state of England's chances at the next World Cup (of the oviod variety)! But at least it's something else I'm passionate about :-D

11:45 am  
Anonymous Philip Wilkinson said...

Hey Caroline,

Great to meet you too and have a good discussion on these sorts of things.

Glad you've signed up for Crowdstorm and appreciate you telling everyone about it - as that great leader of our nation "Tesco" once said "every little helps" :-)

See you at the next event?

3:05 pm  
Anonymous Roger said...

Hi Philip, Caroline,

Saw the posts and glad to see you both had a good time. Also noticed Philips suttle little question mark at the end of his post. :)

But I have to say everyone did seem to be happy and so I will probably put something on again soon.

I shall of course make sure you both are keep in the loop when I settle on a time and location.

Have a good week.


6:20 pm  
Blogger Caz Mockett said...

Yes, I'll definitely be coming along to the next gathering.

Not having seen Crowdstorm Alpha and what it can do, (so I might be way off the mark here), I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on Web2.0 apps in general (and CS in particular) with regards to accessibility. I'm particularly interested in accessibility and usability issues relating to front-end design. A question was asked during on of the @media sessions which seemed to imply the dynamic content of web2.0 apps can really screw up assistive technologies and the way they are able to present pages (especially when the user agent does not inform the assistive technology that the page content has changed, so the end user never knows - or worse, it goes into a perpetual loop and never gets further than rendering the nav links, for example).

The question really asked if this was a fault of web2.0 technologies like AJAX per se, or just the way they had been implemented for a particular application.

Anyway, probably easier to explain what I mean over a glass of wine/beer/whatever-your-poison-is than a blog comment! Give me a shout if your busy entrepreneur schedule has a slot free for debate sometime :-)

5:08 pm  
Anonymous Philip Wilkinson said...

Hey Caz,

Normally I would jump at the chance but right now we're overloaded with trying to get the site ready for a Beta release. Of course then we can have a big debate about how accesible it is along with other "web 2.0" sites.

I'll have a whisky then too :-)

6:39 pm  
Blogger Caz Mockett said...

No probs, I understand the work required to get a big site ready for launch - and I look forward to the debate/tipple once you go live :-)

9:59 am  

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