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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Adidas World Cup Football

I thought this product was appropriate to show while the World Cup is on (some graphical and presentation elements removed), as it is a couple of people talking about the Adidas football that is available for sale. This is the actual one you see on the TV used by the players in Germany.

The product was entered directly into the system along with some details about what it is. There are comments from users at the bottom, a list of anyone whol blogged about it, and also a list of people who have recommended it. All this activity has actually propagated the football to be the 8th most buzziest product at the moment on Crowdstorm (based on 40 alpha testers).

Now - anyone going to spend the £120 and send me one :-)


Blogger Caz Mockett said...

Hey Philip, why does this football look oval in your screenshot? Are you sure you aren't secretly lusting after a rugby ball? ;-)

9:30 am  
Anonymous Philip Wilkinson said...

heh heh - good spot :-)

That must be why it costs over £100 - you can stretch it like silly putty!

6:37 pm  

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